My Small Business Tech Stack

By Daniel Dahlen

November 10 2022

I field a lot of questions about some of the everyday tech that I use, so I thought I’d summarize some of those apps & platforms here.

Email & Task Management


Perhaps the oldest platform of my technical stack is Google Workspace Email. One of the biggest advantages to using Gmail, I believe, is its ability to integrate with so many other platforms (more on that later). ncluded with your Google Workspace account you’ll also have Google Tasks for task management.

(CRM) & Project Management (PM)


I have an off-again, on-again relationship with many CRMs, but the one that come back to and use everyday is Insightly. There are much more expensive ones out there ( like the one I first used & customized called Salesforce ), but the main reason I like Insightly is that it also has a built in Project Management module.

Invoicing, Bookkeeping & Pre-Accounting


Every business has administrative needs, so that’s why I’ve been a long time user of Quickbooks Online (QBO). When it comes to finances it’s always best to consult your business accountant to help you set this up and get recommendations about what would work best for your small business.

Just as a reminder, these are just the apps & platforms that I use with Sidekick — there are most likely hundreds of alternatives for each one of these out there, so take some time (and test some out) before committing to one particular platform.