Local SEO


By Daniel Dahlen

December 15th 2022

Unlike backlinks – which are part of off-page SEO efforts — meta title and description tags are part of on-page SEO efforts.

What Are Meta Elements?

Meta tag elements of a web page are used to provide information about that web page that can be used to quickly categorize it, without having to analyze the entire page’s content.

What Are Meta Title Tags?

A meta title tag is just as the name implies: the title of the web page which it’s applied. These can be as simple as what the page is, (e.g. “About Page”), or are more commonly customized to offer more description (e.g. “About Company X | Our Team, Story & Mission”).

What Are Meta Description Tags?

Again, as the name implies, a meta description tag provides a short description about the web page which it’s applied. Continuing the example above, a description of the “About” page could be “Learn more about company x’s history, from its foundation to present day and the mission that drives it forward.”

Why Are Meta Title & Description Tags Important For SEO?

Very simply, many search engines use meta title and description tags to help them categorize web pages for use in their search index. As you can imagine, then, optimizing meta title & description tags is one of the oldest SEO tactics and still plays an important role in SEO today. Like linkbuilding, though, meta optimization can be prone to abuse.

Depending on how your website is built (or which platform you use), updating may need to be done by a web developer or web management company. With SEO becoming more mainstream in recent years, many web platforms like  WordPress or Wix offer quick ways to update your meta title & description tags without any advanced coding or technical background needed.