Local SEO

What Is The 3-Pack Map In Local SEO?

By Daniel Dahlen

November 15th 2022

Today I want to zero-in on a particularly important part of local SEO: the local 3-pack map.

Local Search Results Page Summary

Just as a brief summary, a local search results page typically includes Google Local Service ads, traditional PPC search ads, organic search results and the local map pack for a given location.

A typical map pack will display 3 business listings, but can also include a map ad (see image below) which a business can pay to advertise to get placement above (or within) those listings. the local 3-pack map.

Information Included In Map Listings

Using the information from their business profile, the map pack can display a variety of important aspects of a local business that would help a searcher decide if they should contact that business.

Some of those important items include: – Name of the business or brand – Business category – Address – Phone number – Hours of operation – Customer review (count/total) – Customer review (aggregate rating) – Review text snippet – Years in business – Website link – “Get Directions” link

Getting Started: Verify Your Listing

How the local map pack decides which local business listings gets displayed depends on several factors (which could be its own blog post), but the first thing you’ll want to do for your local business is to verify your listing with Google Business profiles or have a local SEO company help you get verified.

After reading this post I hope you have a better understanding of the map pack used by search engines, some of the important information that gets displayed and how you can get started with updating your information for improving your local SEO for your small business.